In the current situation of the society, creating job is like jihad for the God

The top entrepreneur in the field of the disabled in Qazvin, said: "The conditions of the society do not allow us to use automatic machines while our youth are unemployed

The top entrepreneur in the field of the disabled in Qazvin, said: "The conditions of the society do not allow us to use automatic machines while our youth are unemployed. I leave the work in the hands of manpower and I do create jobs since I believe that in the current conditions of the society, successful presence in the International fields, including the Turkish Business World Congress, attending the human rights meeting at the UN headquarters in Switzerland, economic development in the midst of years of recession, employment people with disabilities at the height of the unemployment crisis are just some of the entrepreneur features that provides nearly a thousand jobs for people with disabilities. 
Seyed Mohammad Mousavi is a person who has reduced the government's cost of creating jobs by creating jobs for the disabled in addition to economic prosperity. While proving the ability of the disabled to the international community, he is confident in the ability of the disabled to produce products that are the most important brand in the field of children's health supplies it has also prevented the outflow of foreign currency from the country and, more importantly, it has left no doubt in proving the ability of the disabled to the world of industry and production.
Mousavi is an entrepreneur that if his activities and social movements are observed in the world's prestigious scientific-research centers undoubtedly will be promised to the world "the birth of new ideas, unique doctrine and new worldview". He plans to make a meaningful connection between the world of industry, production, economy and individuals who were considered as worthy of donations by the whole world.
Sayyed Mohammad Mousavi, the top entrepreneur in the field of the disabled, pointing out that the disabled are potentially able and capable, stated: "preparation the groundwork for the development and growth of talents of the disabled is part of their citizenship rights. However, the common concern of the disabled in the country is that there is no background or ground available for them in society to turn this potential ability into reality.
He added: "Employment is one of the most important needs of people and people with disabilities are not exception to this rule, so job opportunities should be provided equally to all citizens. Workers with disabilities have no different in performance if they are placed in workstations according to their circumstances.
The top entrepreneur in the field of the disabled stated: Tavana center and Firouz see human beings in their real position in their social movements and do not consider the disabled to have mercy but respect their human status; this point can be an important foundation of human resource management.
He reminded: "Employers around the world must trust the efficiency and capabilities of the disabled; Firouz Group has believed this trust and it has achieved the results. I am currently looking to create job positions at management levels for the disabled in Iran, because the disabled have proven their capabilities to achieve these positions.
Mousavi said: "Automation and automatic machines have not been used in Firouz Group. Now that God has bestowed me economic power, how can I send an automation machine to my factory while the factory products will bring me more gain?"

I do not think for more gain
He emphasized: I am surprised by prosperous people who do not see the suffering of other people and do not pay attention to people who cannot even afford their medicines; how wealthy people cannot feel the pain of others and do not know there is someone that sells his kidneys to pay for his rent? 
The top entrepreneur in the field of the disabled reminded: thinking about others is the duty of every human being and if this thinking is institutionalized as a principle and belief of the heart, from the divine point of view, it will be a jihad for the God. I create jobs by this approach and with love for high human beliefs and my economic movement is not profit-oriented.
"According to my worldview, going this route, while increasing the cost and reducing the net profit, is ultimately a blessing, and I am sure this kind of performance will increase profits," he said.
Mousavi reminded: Europe has turned to automation due to its low manpower, but in countries such as Iran, which has a population looking for employment, use of this technique is not correct. The use of automatic devices and automation in our society coincides with increasing rates of unemployment, suicide, depression, divorce, crime and other social problems.
He said: "The conditions of society do not allow us to use these devices while our youth are unemployed. I create jobs and leave the work in the hands of manpower, and I believe that in the current conditions of society, creating employment is jihad for the God."
"In developed countries, the government pays the employer's share insurance and other benefits, and the business owner is willing to use the disabled in the workshop, but in our country, unfortunately, there aren’t laws to attract employers to employ the disabled in productions unit," said Secretary of the symposiums of organizations of the disabled throughout the country.
He reminded: "I advise the authorities to respect the rights of people with disabilities in order to provide them employment. People with disabilities should have jobs so that by living independently they can feel less suffering from disability and they should not expect help and low pensions."
Creating employment is jihad for the God.

Saturday 2020/8/15

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