Board of Directors

 Seyed Mohammad Mousavi, Chairman of the Board of Directors: Isn’t it true that the world is the world of thoughts? Isn’t it the fact that management speaks prior to investment and prior to everything in the human societies. Disability is a divine blessing.

 Mohammad Reza Hadipour, Managing Director: Disability is a restriction and not incapability. All human beings are restricted. I walk one kilometer using my stick in half an hour and the ones who are healthy walk the same distance within ten minutes. I cannot walk faster than this and they cannot walk faster than that either.

 Hojjatollah Yousefi, member of the Board of Directors: Social and legal rights could assist to solve the problems of the disabled. Because a disabled person is a citizen of our society.

 Seyed Akbar Hosseini, member of the Board of Directors: Disabled is a person who could not use his abilities properly.

 Seyed Ali Mousavi, member of the Board of Directors: Empowering is achieved through under the umbrella of human generosity and equal opportunity.

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