The DAT Treatment & Health Department

The DAT Treatment & Health Department is concentrated on providing health and treatment services for the members of the Disability Association of Tavana (DAT). We believe that preserving the health and enhancing the rehabilitation of the disabled people is dependent on the cooperation among capable and benevolent individuals who are active in the health sector. Through the participation of some 180 specialists doctors and cooperation of several health and treatment centers, DAT has been able to adopt effective steps toward the free-of-charge treatment of disabled individuals. Some of the most important activities that have so far been carried out are as follows: - Cooperation and interaction with physicians and doctors who participate in these initiatives based on humanistic feelings - Attracting the scientific and practical cooperation of some 150 specialist physicians who are eager in such initiatives - Referring 1355 disabled individuals and needy people to benevolent physicians to be treated free-of-charge - Identifying the treatment requirements of disabled people and preventing the occurrence of secondary physical disability - Organizing anatomy and feeding courses for the DAT members - Providing free-of-charge medical and psychological consultations for disabled individuals and their families The DAT Treatment & Health Department has made necessary coordination with the Rehabilitation Center of the Iranian Red Crescent Society for the dispatch of disabled individuals who need technical orthopaedic services to the Comprehensive Rehabilitation Centers of the Tehran Red Crescent Society. - Orthopaedic shoes: 50 percent discount - Prosthesis: 20 to 30 percent discount - Orthosis: 20 to 30 percent discount The DAT Treatment & Health Department has also provided medical equipment for the individuals that suffer from physical disability and has introduced 10 disabled individuals to the Red Crescent Society each month for receiving these equipments. The DAT transportation means have been put at the disposal of individuals who have been introduced to the Red Crescent Society. Supplementary Insurance Through coordination with Karafarin Insurance Company and the Firouz Hygienic Production Group, the DAT has provided supplementary insurance for its personnel, including the managers and the staff. DAT Physiotherapy Center Through cooperating with the DAT International Affairs Department, the DAT Physiotherapy Center was established in 2016 in order to provide treatments for disabled individuals that are suffering from neurotic, muscular, and skeleton diseases. This center is equipped with state-of-the-art devices for electrotherapy and mechanotherapy. advertisement needs of the DAT.      


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