Education Department

 Through determining the educational needs of people with disabilities, the Disability Association of Tavana organizes different training courses for the people with disabilities by collaboration of some institutes in order to uplift their scientific levels. The major activities of the Education Department: 1. Educational support of the students and school reinforcement classes 2. To organize the classes of reinforcement of accuracy and philosophy for the children of ages 4 to 17 3. To educate the personnel professionally to improve quality of their occupations. 4. To educate the members with the purpose of creating the job for 200 persons 5. To organize the cooking courses for mothers of the people with disabilities as well as organizing the cooking contest 6. To organize the rehabilitation classes for children as well as the classes of theater, animation and writing the stories 7. To create the opportunity for the students with disabilities to present their papers for the students of schools in Qazvin city 8. To gather the teachers of primary schools as well as organizing the special educational workshop for the teachers with special students 9. To employ 37 honorary teachers for Education Department of Disability of Association of Tavan 10. To organize the second special workshop of teachers with special students for 140 persons 11. To organize a meeting for the members who seek the occupation by presence of Master Akbari and to convince them to participate in practical and educational classes 12. To give the referral letter to introduce some people to Technical and Vocational Organization of Qazvin and Alvand City and some educational institutes such as Setaregan, FanGostaran and etc. 13. To assess the children and students towards their educations and to guide them to participate in courses of English and Mathematics 14. To organize the painting contest with the theme of Imam Reza and his holy shrine by the Libraries Affairs of Shiraz and unfortunately students of Qazvin were not won. 15. To appreciate the honorary teachers by presence of some teachers and management of Association of special Education 16. To organize reading the stories for 50 children with disabilities by the Ms. Fetry at the park next to the Disability Association of Tavana 17. To hold the Council for studying the reasons of dropout of the students with disabilities Educational support of students and school reinforcement classes: this field is known as one of the most important affairs for the Education Department with the purpose of education and reinforcement of the students in order to create opportunities for the student to get the upstanding levels in the future advertisement needs of the DAT.      


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