Biography and general information on activities of Seyed Mohammad Mousavi, the Founder of the Disability Association of Tavana He was born in a religious family in Qazvin, Iran in1953. His father was one of trustees’ people and he was honorable man in Qazvin. Seyed Mohammad had disability due to poliomyelitis through his feet and a hand. But his physical disability did not change his life way and he have played effective and active role in cultural, social, economic and political activities in the country. He is chief of the board of directors in DAT and managing director for Firooz hygienic group, a well-known brand in hygienic productions for children in the country. In the following, his activities and careers are mentioned in brief:   
1- Academic educations at medicine field in the United States of America 

2- His educations was in concurrent with events of Iranian revolution and he played direct role in fighting against Mujahidin Khalq group at Central core of institute of Iranian who were citizens of the U.S

3- He came in Iran and then he was appointed as chief for Islamic Revolution Guard Corps in industrial city of Alborz in Qazvin within primary years of the revolution victory.

 4- He went to critical region of Sistan and Balochestan, Iran, as adviser for governor regarding the border and foreigners' affairs

5- Administrator of Post Office in Qazvin for 2 years

6- Establishment of Alborz Building Corporation

7- Chief of the board of directors for Alborz managers group. This group includes 70 managers of active corporations in industrial city of Qazvin

8- Establishment of non-profit institute of DAT in order to support social rights of people with disabilities in 1995. DAT continues its activities now.

9- Chief of the board of directors for DAT since 1995
10- Chief for sports board of deaf in Qazvin province for 3 years

11- Chief for board of directors and managing director for Firooz hygienic group since 2001. This group experienced great progress in terms of quality and diversity in children hygienic productions

 12- Establishment and financial support of sports-cultural club of Firooz. (Only official sports club dedicated to people with disabilities in the country) in 2012.

13- Attend the international conference of Istanbul. The conference's theme was increasing the knowledge and employment opportunities of people with disabilities

14- DAT representative in the U.N DPI

15- Having special Consultative Statue in the UN ECOSOC as DAT representative

 16- Attend the international conference of New Delhi (the conference's theme was role of new technologies in life of people with disabilities) as representative of the UNESCO in Iran in 2014

17- Employment of 400 people with disabilities in Firooz hygienic factory since 2004. Top entrepreneur in the country on employment of people with disabilities and rewarding through certificate of appreciation by Iranian president in 2008

18- Rewarding as national meritorious manager and top entrepreneur by chamber of commerce and cooperative in 2015

19- Chosen Mahdi's (12th Imam of Muslims) follower in the 12th international conference of Mahdaviat Doctrine in 2016

20- Rewarding through statue of provincial quality and standard in produce of hygienic and dressing-up productions

21- Rewarding due to top national standard quality in 2016

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