Tavana Audio Library

The Tavana Audio Library was inaugurated in 2015 through the cooperation of the Social Department, the Capacity Building Department, the Public Relations Department, and the Cultural Consultancy Department of the Disability Association of Tavan (DAT). Several provincial managers and authorities were also present in its inauguration ceremony. This initiative was incepted with the motto of “Watch the World through My Voice!” The Tavana Audio Library has been established in order to provide services to the blind and other disabled individuals. It is concentrated on the enhancement and development of literacy and research among the target audience. It tries to promote the culture of listening to audio books among the ordinary people and enhance their knowledge. Currently, there are 32000 volumes of audio books in this library. These books cover different disciplines and fields of study: literature; novel; psychology; religion; law; philosophy; culture; art; history; geography; sociology; political sciences; general information; medicine; management; economy; education; children and young adults; radio dramas; and science. In addition, there are audio textbooks for students, from primary school up to higher education. There is another service that is provided by the Tavana Audio Library: recording and publication of textbooks and pamphlets for university students in different fields of study. Special working groups have been formed which assess the requests and requirements of the students and then embark on recording their textbooks and pamphlets. The books which are ordered by disabled, or even ordinary, individuals will be recorded on CVs or flash memories. In future, these recorded books will be uploaded in the DAT website. The books that have been gathered in the Tavana Audio Library have been obtained from the Roudaki Complex, the Special Unit for the Blind in the University of Tehran, the Special Unit for the Blind in the University of Isfahan, the Library of Husseinieh Ershad, the Central Administration of Public Libraries of Iran, and the Blind-only Library of Germany. advertisement needs of the DAT.      


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