Hamid Fathi and Sharareh Lashgarinejad

Hamid Fathi and his wife, Sharareh Lashgarinejad, are suffering from nanism or dwarfism. They married each other a couple of years ago. They are currently living a happy life. We were very much eager to know about the causes of their happiness in life. In order to satisfy our curiosity, we decided to have an interview with them.

Hamid Fathi introduced himself as follows: "My name is Hamid Fathi. I have been born in Tehran in 1979. I have an associate diploma of computer sciences. I am the eldest child of the family. I am an employee of the Tehran Subway Company and I have been employed in this company since 11 years ago. I married my wife, Sharareh, some 6 years ago. She has a high school diploma. Sharareh is a housewife. Both of us are members of the Iranian Dwarfs Association. Nanism or dwarfism is a disease in which the patient suffers from growth failures. The Iranian Dwarfs Association was established as an NGO in 2009. This NGO was established in order to change the people's outlook toward a group of individuals in a society who are, physically speaking, different from the rest of the people in that society, i.e. they are usually shorter than others.

Elsewhere in this interview, Hamid elaborated on how she became acquainted with Sharareh. He said: "Sometimes Sharareh used Tehran Subway as a means for transportation. One day, I saw her in the subway station. Since human beings are usually looking for, and attracted by, their commonalities with others, I was greatly affected by seeing Sharareh in that day. I felt that I have become interested in her."

Hamid pointed out that they gradually fell in love with each other and finally managed to convince their families to agree with their marriage.

In this interview, Sharareh acknowledged that she has always wished to marry a person who can understand the world of the dwarf men and women. She said: "Before marrying Hamid, I was used to busy myself with artistic and handicraft activities at home. Encouraged by Hamid, I am still pursuing those activities, albeit in a professional manner."

Elsewhere in this interview, Hamid complained of the passive approach of the mass media toward the disabled people, especially who are suffering from nanism or dwarfism. He criticized the mass media for adopting a sympathetic outlook toward the artists who are suffering from physical disability. Hamid urged the mass media to cover the news of, for instance, the exhibitions of the artistic works of disabled artists and introduce such artists to the society. He said: "I think everybody acknowledges this very important fact that the society still has no belief in us and is still unaware of our potentials and capabilities."

Sharareh said: "Some people might think that our houses are designed according to the size of our body and height. But this is a false mindset and attitude. In fact, our houses and our utensils are quite ordinary. They are like those of the rest of the people. Even the size and the height of the cabinets in our kitchens are the same as those in the houses of the ordinary people. It is all due the fact that we want to take the maximum advantage of our potentials and capabilities." Therefore, Sharareh argued, there is no real difference between their life and that of the rest of the people.

Sharareh pointed out that, after her marriage, she made herself busy with her works at home and also she continued her engagement in artistic activities. Sharareh added: "We felt that we need a little child in our 2-member family. Previously, we had decided not to have any children, but we gradually realized that any the development and advancement of any family is dependent on the children that are born in that family. At the same time, we were feeling the pressure of loneliness in our life and this pressure was becoming more intensified every day. We consulted our medical doctors and we were told that there is no problem in this regard. Some months later, I became pregnant. Finally, our son, Mohammad Reza, was born. Thanks the almighty God's blessings, medical tests have so far proven that Mohammad Reza is a healthy person."

Commenting on the grandeur and magnificence of the world, Hamid pointed out that the globe is so extensive and expanded that it can provide enough room for all creatures. "You should be in love in order to be able to follow up your objectives in life," Hamid argued. "Like all the good fathers in the world, I will do my best so that I can provide a proper context for my son, Mohammad Reza, to get developed in various fields, including scientific and sports arenas, and we can feel honored of him."

Sunday 2017/10/22
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Hamid Fathi and Sharareh Lashgarinejad

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