“The NGO national network for physically disabled persons started its activities officially in the country after the establishment and publication of its official newspaper and organizing the meeting of the board of directors, Seyed Akbar Hoseini stated” according to the public relations of the National network for Physically Disabled Persons. 
Hoseini, pointing to the meeting organizing by presence of the managing director and all seven members of the board, said: "This meeting had two different agendas, including the need to recognize the realities of society and explaining the strategies, and making the initial decisions about priorities of the national network.”
He, who is the member of board of directors of the Disability Association of Tavana, added while the chairman of the board of directors of the network emphasized the needs for realizing the realities of the society in the first part of the meeting, pointed to intellectual conformity among the managers, explaining the strategies, making the coordination and unity of procedures amongst the board of directors of the national network in pursuing the various issues of the disabled as a necessity and priority.
Hoseini also pointed to consultation of the members of the board of directors about the priorities, programs and the budget of the national network, purchasing and preparation of an independent location for the network office in Tehran; and accounted creating the site and mass communication channels as the most important priority in order to inform the target community effectively. 
According to the official, the other decisions of this meeting were to review the adaptation of licenses for disability NGOs with a license from the Welfare Organization and the method of obtaining a license for these NGOs from the Ministry of Interior and governorates.
“After discussing and exchanging views and analyzing the today conditions of the disabled in the country, it was decided that the work priorities of the national network must be on the agenda of the board of directors  and based on the goals and methods of statute, Hoseini acknowledged.”
He added: "Based on the priorities of the national network, training and research with the aim of promoting the scientific and practical level of member groups, demanding and defending the rights of people with disabilities from all relevant organizations, especially the Welfare Organization, monitoring the implementation of laws related to people with disabilities, especially the law supporting the rights of the disabled, effective media and press presence with the aim of demanding, introducing the network and reflecting the capabilities of the NGOs, effective stance of the national network in various events and current issues of the disabled with the aim of informing and supporting the target community of the national network are among the policies will be for the preparation of long-term strategies of the national network.

It is worth mentioning that according to the elections held on October 15 of this year, Messrs. Seyed Mohammad Mousavi, Rahman Delavari, Habibaullah Blourian and Ms. Shamsi Talebi, Mahboubeh Kholouq, Khair Al-Nisa Khoshniat and Ramak Heydari were elected as members of the Board and Seyed Akbar Hoseini as the Managing Director. They will work in this position for 3 years.

Monday 2020/7/27

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