Fatemeh Sanchouli

Fatemeh Sanchouli is a 21-year-old girl who is quite interested in getting more and more involved with the Holy Koran. Despite being a disabled girl, she has done her best to enhance her intimacy with this holy book. We have made an interview with her. During the course of this interview, she introduced herself as follows:

"My name is Fatemeh Sanchouli. I am 21 years old. I am interested in the memorization and recitation of the Holy Koran. I have studied up to grade 5 in primary school. When in primary school, I was weak in mathematics. After finishing my primary school, the officials of the education department did not allow me to continue my studies. They argued that I am a mentally disabled person and, therefore, I am not allowed to continue my studies in ordinary schools. But they were wrong. I was not a mentally disabled person. I was good in all my lessons except mathematics. I was only weak in mathematics. Later on I decided to have my name registered in a night school. Again, the education department authorities opposed my registration in such schools. They argued that, due to my age, I cannot attend night school classes.

"when I was not allowed to continue my studies at school, I decided to go to a center which is involved in teaching the Holy Koran. At the moment, I have memorized 12 parts of the total 30 parts of the Holy Koran. In near future, I will be able to act as an instructor who can teach this divine book to others. I was greatly interested in studying in Tehran. Due to my family problems, however, I was unable to study in the capital. I was reading the Holy Koran up to the small hours of night.

"Reading the Holy Koran is not difficult for me. Rather, I enjoy reading it. I participated in the competitions on the Holy Koran in last May and won some medals and awards.

"Life is a little bit difficult; however, I am satisfied with my life. My father suffers from cancer and my mother has to tolerate a severe waist pain. My elder sister who has divorced from her husband is living with us and helps us in running our home affairs. I have 3 brothers, too. However, my brothers have their own problems in life and are not able to help us. Despite all these hardships, I trust in the almighty God and I believe that He does not deprive us from His blessings. He is, for sure, careful of my father, too. Usually, reading the Holy Koran gives me a sense of comfort. Whenever I read this holy book, my heart is filled with joy and satisfaction."

Sunday 2019/3/17
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Fatemeh Sanchouli

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