What are our objectives?

What is our definition of disability?

Tavana Association has relied on a deep belief and new definition of disability since when it was established and the designers of this Centre believe that disability is restriction and all human beings are restricted in a way or another. In fact all the inventions, explorations and advancements and in one word “construction and productivity” in human societies are the result of the human restrictions and have been and are created by human’s creative thought. Hence the more the human beings are restricted or disabled, the higher degree of thought, power and creativity they usually enjoy and in one word, they are more ‘efficient’. But unfortunately it has not been this way even in the advanced societies and it is a pity that the higher the degree of disability of the individuals has been, the more their inability and deprivation has appeared.

What are the prominent characteristics of Tavana Association?

-Unlike most of the similar associations, the disabled serve the disabled in this Centre and all the management activities and the major part of the executive and operational tasks are handled by the disabled.

-The disabled and non-disabled individuals with any ethnicity, religion, faith, colour of skin and gender could join Tavana Association.

-The nature of the activity of this Centre is humanitarian and voluntary, and any political activity is forbidden in this Centre.

What is our main capital?

Today’s world is the world of our thoughts and initiatives and what is considered as a principle in the different societies of today is creativity. Knowing about this reality, Tavana Association finds the thought and initiative of the human beings its main capital. Thus discrimination is meaningless in this Centre and any human being with any gender, race, colour of skin, religion and faith could be a member of Tavana Association.

Why to provide welfare services and employment?

 Considering the financial deprivations, medical treatment needs, educational problems, unemployment, marriage obstacles, etc. existing in the lives of the disabled, Tavana Association pursues provision of service and correct support of the disabled people in its executive programs beside its two main objectives because the culture to encourage beggary and lack of attention to the inherent capabilities of the disabled have been very detrimental in developing countries. Hence Tavana Association never asks the people for financial donations and always meets its financial requirements by designing and implementing economically profitable projects in order to earn its required income and pay its relevant costs.

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