Each one of us has repeatedly drawn plans and designs in our minds, plans and designs which could have been good and dreamlike or even decadent and corrupt. Nevertheless, there are some individuals who spend much of their lives in planning for the welfare and development of their fellow human beings. In fact, they make constructive plans for providing further welfare for us. We have selected one of the most professional planners to be interviewed in this edition of our journal. This gentleman has obtained top ranks in international competitions and exhibitions in France, South Korea, and India. His name is Mehdi Kamari. He is an engineer. Born in 1980, Mehdi is originally from Kermanshah. He is a student of Project Management Engineering
Thursday 2019/3/7

Hamid Fathi and his wife, Sharareh Lashgarinejad, are suffering from nanism or dwarfism. They married each other a couple of years ago. They are currently living a happy life. We were very much eager to know about the causes of their happiness in life. In order to satisfy our curiosity, we decided to have an interview with them.
Sunday 2017/10/22

Mansoureh Azimi and Mohammad Reza Rouhi, her husband, are successful couple. Mansoureh is a physically disabled woman. But Mohammad Reza is an ordinary man who has married Mansoureh despite the fact that his wife is a disabled woman. We have made an interview with this successful couple.
Tuesday 2014/12/9

Hassan Faqihi is a renowned man of literature and the current Iranian generations know him well. He is also a famous musician and Iranians interested in music are quite familiar with him. In terms of music composition and performance, Hassan Faqihi has always remained committed to his basic beliefs and ideas.
Sunday 2014/11/9

Hamid Reza Ahmadnejad is 29 years old. He is from Shahr-e Rey, in south of Tehran. His parents and his grandparents have all been born in this district, too. Hamid Reza says that he has become a disabled person at the time of birth due to being afflicted with smallpox. He has received a computer diploma and is currently working as an operator.
Thursday 2014/10/9

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