DAT was established to change Society’s Attitude toward People with Disabilities

“We established DAT in order to changing attitude of the society towards disabled people” said the chairman of the board of DAT in the meeting of Productivity Development Association

“We established DAT in order to changing attitude of the society towards disabled people” said the chairman of the board of DAT in the meeting of Productivity Development Association. Through the meeting of Productivity Development Association which was held in Social Security Organization, Seyed Mohammad Mousavi said we have established DAT based on several great goals including changing the attitude of the society towards the disabled people; since we believe limitation makes creative-being of people, According to Peyke Tavana. Managing director of Firooz Hygienic Group added we shares our hearts and when I faced the cases which disabled ones had to go to the State Welfare Organization in Iran to receive 400,000R for a month as a salary; I had to ask them to be as employee in the factory to do cheap activities such as closing the shampoo bottles׳ caps while I prefer intellectual activities for them; but I have to employ them since I believe working is better than beggary. The outstanding social entrepreneur mentioned that now I am involving building the Iran`s biggest project of recreations and tourism port in Noshahr city; in which through the project we have about 250 meter moving ahead in the sea and utilizing 10000 acre through a contract with Natural Resources Organization. Indeed through the project, all benefits are dedicated to support the education of the disabled ones and to prepare the ground so that disabled ones will have the opportunities to be university professor, lawyer and physician. Probably, this ground solves the problem of society management in the future. Chairman of the board of DAT while criticizing the capitalism system uttered the world`s population was 2 billion in 60 years ago while within 60 years it reached to 7 billion. The population which needs fruits like strawberry in all the seasons. They manage the world in a way that creates disabled people. For the issues like water, plants, air pollution and like that, the seminars are held by them. During the last 60 years, the mentioned population has achieved fossil energy and they have established petrochemical industries and the derivatives were achieved in order to turn on their air conditioners through press of a button. He continued in this system governors only think of their own government since their government is based on the capitalism. These governors have turned the world to a casino to achieve more capitals and resources. It is not important someone`s loss since they believe the gamble. The profitability is the base of financial principles of these companies. Automation is just for achievement of more profits and the religion has no place in such systems. The thoughts of capitalism have put the whole world in a trouble and the capitalists hold session on human rights and festivals on clean air; and they wants to ease the pains and give the solution. Pointing to the ideal thinking of the managers in DAT, Mousavi said our outlook is not based on the capitalism and it is not based on the stock exchange. We do respect the consumers’ rights. Our company has been selected as the top company during 4 years. Success of our brand is due to people welcome indeed and there were nothing to us without people welcome. The managing director of Firooz Hygienic Group pointing to his handicap said “I was appointed as the corps commander of Alborz industrial city in 1981 and I am familiar with the economy spirit and industry. Many people think that my disability refers to times when I was the corps commander and indeed I am self-sacrificing; but my handicap refers to infantile paralysis when I was 2 year old, so I am familiar with disability; accordingly my activities have the social approaches. He added that the ideas clash in times of childhood and adolescence resulted my social behaviors. Up to age 7, the suitable behaviors of my family especially behaviors of my mother resulted to ignore my handicap. But as soon as I entered the school I faced the great trouble: the compassionate attitudes of people towards my handicap; so I believed that I have a great problem as a disabled one. Those who were good ones thanked the God when they faced me in coming out of the mosques. They thanked that they were not disabled ones like me. Chairman of the board of DAT continued the mentioned ideas clash between the approaches of the family and the mistake approaches of the society resulted establishment of NGO called disability association of Tavana in 20 years ago which is considered as the unique association in the world based on admission of NGO department of the United Nations Organizations. Indeed the association is a member of DPI of the United Nations Organizations. I attended the office of UN in New York 2 months ago. Dr. Sepehri delivered a speech about “objectives of stable development and efficiency” and stressed the promotion of stable and comprehensive economic development as well as preventing the environmental damages. At the end of the conference, Mr. Seyyed Mohammad Mousavi, managing director of Firooz Hygienic Group, was awarded through certificate of appreciation by association of Labor and Social Security.

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Monday 2016/1/25

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