Mr. Hadipour, managing director of the Disability Association of Tavana in Qazvin informed about organizing the national Festival to honor top students.
" Due to the outbreak of the Corona virus, and protect the healthcare of students and their families, this national festival will not be held as real ceremony like previous years, but it will be held as cyberspace ceremony to recognize the elites in the country, Mohammad Reza Hadipour, managing director of Disability Association of Tavana, said,” According to Peyk-e Tvana.  
He added: "In previous years, this festival was held just in Qazvin province level and one of our most important concerns was nationally holding of the festival; And, fortunately this wish will come true in running year and it will be available for all students in the country in cyberspace. 
Managing director of DAT pointed to changes in honoring the top student in the festival such as identifying the students’ talents in different fields and added: "In previous years, the students grades and scores were only criteria for the festival to honor top students, but the running festival will evaluate all talents of the students such as their artistic, athletic, scientific, and ideological as well as their creative talents.
 “Since the establishment of this non-governmental organization, DAT has put on its agenda the change of society's attitude towards people with disabilities, and in this regard, it has begun celebrating the festival of honoring the top students since 22 years ago," Hadipour further stated. 
He added: "From the very first years of the DAT activities, studies of our experts showed that the cultural concerns especially that lack of proper culture towards treating with people with disabilities was the greatest challenges of the people with disabilities in the society."
Hadipour continued: "to achieve this goal, educating and promoting the culture of properly treat with people with disabilities and familiarity with their concerns was considered by the DAT, and since we had a long-term plan for changing society's attitude towards the disabled, we decided to focus our cultural and educational programs on children, especially the students.

He stated: Holding the festival of honoring top students was on the agenda of the DAT and it has continued until today, which is the 22nd year of its holding.
Managing director of DAT stated: Students as the main components of the future of society can play an important role in improving the culture and life of people with disabilities in the future, if they be familiar with the concepts of disability and the needs of the disabled from the childhood.

Sunday 2020/8/9

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