UNIDO representative visits DAT

Mr. Amadio, the UNIDO representative, visited workshops of DAT such as Trans and siem plump and Firooz hygienic group on 17 September, 2014

Mr. Amadio, the UNIDO representative, visited workshops of DAT such as Trans and siem plump and Firooz hygienic group on 17 September, 2014.

He believes that doing such activities of DAT is invaluable. It is admirable being of associations like DAT which is looking after the wellbeing of people with different ability he said.

It is appreciable that people with limited ability work together like others in this factory.

He said there are many associations like Tavana in the world. Although he doesn’t know personally, but he is sure there are so many ones. In Italy, Amadio`s country, there are many ones like this association.

Following is an interview with Amadio:

As UN representative do you support DAT`s workshops development? Or is it possible having mutual cooperation?

At first I should state the scope of the UNIDO. The goal of our work is to make business more efficient. So we don’t have any specific program for people with disability. But we have only program for efficiency.

• We want to produce rehabilitation and empowerment tools for the disabled. Do you have any suggestion?

I don’t have any specific experience on working with disabled people. But I can tell my idea. I think the focus should not be on productions or technologies, for there is no problem in production capacity and the technologies you just need. The problem is just marketing.

• The DAT association plans to produce some rehabilitation tools like wheelchair and crutches. What do you think?

What I tell you is based on what I’ve seen in this factory or the other factories. As you said these persons are not disabled ones, these are people with different abilities. I mean these people are able to do anything. The problem is providing the situation of these persons` contribution. This is the only issue. We have to look at the market. We have to look at what we can sell.

• We want to have these technologies ourselves. I mean we want to produce these technologies in our country. And there are many technologies for people with disability. But these technologies are in the other countries and the taxes also are very high. We want to produce these technologies in our country. And could you help us in this area?

I have no idea. I tell you again, I think you are looking at the problem from the wrong angle. At first you have to see what you need to produce. The market is very simple on this way. Technology is not the issue. You need any advanced technology. You just request.

• What is your idea about today visit?

I am very satisfied because what you are doing is really amazing. But let me to tell something. This company will close tomorrow morning. I’m sorry but this a reality. This not the problem of this company, this is the problem of the majority of the industries in Iran. It’s very efficient.

If I would be the manager of this company, I would look into the production process, from the beginning to the end to optimize everything. I have worked for 25 years.

• What countries have you been and worked?

I have been in many countries. I have worked in many countries such as South America, Africa, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, turkey… and I have lived in China for 4 years. I think Iran is much better than all of them.

The social system in Iran may not be perfect but in many countries it is zero.

• How UNIDO could help DAT`s industrial development?

What we are doing in Iran is most on energy efficiency, we work with fuel and petrochemical refineries to improve the energy efficiency of production processes. So this is our main work here.

In this factory we work to provide more efficient equipments for the industry and we work on energy management system.

We have a project. Normally we provide technical assistance and the company provides investment.

• How is your relation with Iranian companies?

All of our works goes through different government organization. If you are a petrochemical company, through identifying the production process, you can improve energy efficiency.

We work in fields of elevators, heater changer, and refinery and etc.

• Does UNIDO provide elevator and heater for factories?

Yes, we do the procurement. We select the equipment along with the company, and then we do the procurement and deliver the equipments. But you know this is another issue. We are talking about machinery and etc. this is not typical discussion.

• What is your mission in Iran?

Our mission is Industrial development. It May be on energy efficiency and system optimization. Some problems we have in many factories are electric motor or compressor optimization and optimization of bumping system.

We are ready to create an e-commerce platform for handicraft. And the idea of e-commerce platform is a situation to keep people while working at home. We made the proposals to Iran carpet association and etc. about the problems in those projects expansive. Other carpet association investment on this sector is an e-commerce platform for Iranian handicraft.

I believe this is a very good opportunity for people who wish to work at home. This is a good production at home.

We hope to launch this e-commerce platform by beginning of the next year and this is a very important to cooperate with your NGO.

I think what you are doing is so important and having such business in Iranian NGOs is appreciable.

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Saturday 2014/9/27

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